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How it all began...
The late William Larson Sr., known by his friends as Bill, purchased this unique art collection from whom would become his dear friends, world renowned artist, Clayton Rippey and his loving wife, the late Marcia Rippey. Clayton and Marcia Rippey began creating this "House of Legends" collection in the late 1960's. That was just the beginning of a long and demanding process using hundreds of thousands tiny jewel like pieces in creating these masterpieces meant to last a lifetime. Thanks to Clayton's determination and vision and Marcia's endurance and patience, both with their calloused hands and slivered fingers, this collection is a spectacular tribute to the Legends of the World.
Bill Larson was a man who instinctively knew how to make money. Bill was a free-spirited entrepreneur and founder of one of the west coast's most successful pizza franchise companies, the Round Table Pizza Restaurants. However, he had a creative side to him that he wanted to share with the world. Purchasing the "House of Legends" collection was Bill's inspiration for creating his World of Legends art gallery. Although, the "House of Legends" Collection was briefly displayed at the World of Legends art gallery, the art collection was never offered for sale because Bill considered it to be one of his most treasured finds and felt it would someday be introduced to the world as a creation with great importance, impact, spirituality and creativity.
The World of Legends  Art Gallery was located in Los Altos, California opening it's doors in 1982. Unfortunately, the art gallery was short lived and Bill had to close his doors choosing to put his energy towards another project in building a magical retreat for his nine children, twenty-five grandchildren, three great-grandchildren and generations to come. A few years later, as the retreat building project was winding down, Bill purchased a historical building in the Santa Cruz Mountains and began renovation with the intention to once again open his World of Legends art gallery. Unfortunately, after a tough battle with cancer, he never got to fulfill that dream.
It all started with a walk on the beach...
It was 1981 and Bill Larson was enjoying his retirement traveling to one of his favorite destinations, the island of Kauai. Embarking on one of his early morning walks on the beach of Kapaa, something caught his eye. There, next to a huge Banyan Tree was a massive wall mural, so magical it appeared to draw him in. Upon a closer inspection of this mural, he couldn't believe his eyes in that the mural was made out tiny objects that appear to glisten with jewel-like brilliance conveying an almost subliminal legendary message. As Bill admired the wondrous mural, he noticed a man close by standing in front of an easel, seemingly void of distraction as he painted his masterpiece. Of course, inquisitive by nature, Bill walked up and introduced himself. After a lengthy conversation about the "Mural of the Sea," the artist, Clayton Rippey, invited Bill into his House of Legends Museum. As Bill toured the museum and listened intensely to Clayton's interpretation of his amazing creations, fascinated as Clayton spoke of the legends of each piece. Bill, always having a great interest in mythology, admired the creative genius of Clayton and his work. Later that evening, as Bill sat in a local bar having cocktails with Clayton and his wife, Marcia, he asked Clayton and Marcia if they would sell the entire "House of Legends" art collection to him. Clayton and Marcia, unsure whether this man so full of wit and charm, was to be trusted. Shortly, they began to realize that Bill meant business as he began drawing up the purchase agreement on a cocktail napkin. Bill left the bar that night not only the new owner of an art collection, but had made friends for life. Too bad he couldn't find his car.





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