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Framed Mosaic Intarsia
24" x 36"

Because of family rivalries, Maui decided to out-fish his brothers. Going into the underworld, Maui took the jawbone from the dead side of Muri, his ancestress, and thus equipped took his brothers far out to sea. Using the ala'e for bait, and the jawbone for a hook, Maui managed to snare a kahuni-o-kahe who holds the land to the ocean depths and a whole land mass began to rise. As Maui was about to pull up an entire continent, the line broke. The land plunged back into the sea shattering it into hundreds of fragments. Those that remained were the islands of the Pacific with the largest two being known today as New Zealand and Australia.

Artist Analysis: Notice that Maui has now filled out to become a mature man and that body tottooing has become complete. The type of club-foot image is quite typical of Polynesian carving. The beads that make up Maui's tattoos are gold-coated beads from Italy. Most of the sky areas are glass mosaic varied with crushed glass and abalone shells. The smoke is almost entirely made of beads from Hong Kong. Maui's eye came from India and his nose is an allen wrench. The mountains are white rock, jade, agate and jasper - all from Oregon. The black portions are black lava pebbles from Maui. The ocean of Italian glass is speckled with jewels, pearls, a couple of real sea horses, a sail-fish lapel pin, a small fish of silver, a sand dollar, a star fish of pewter and another tropical fish which was a lapel pin. The boat is of Venetian glass tile, fired with gold powder flecks. The design along the side is a seed necklace from Kauai, the anchor is a coat button and the prow of the ship is various filigree jewelry from India. Constellations are watch parts, button and earrings. Note also that in the sun there is evidence of Maui's great popularity - otherwise how else could he have had his very own Chamber of Commerce?

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