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Framed Mosaic Intarsia
24" x 36"

One day Maui extinguished all worldly fires in ruse to find his grandmother, Mahu-ika, the guardian of fire. He talked his mother into giving him directions to the dangerous lower world, the source of the flames and home of his ancestress, Mahu-ika. When Mahu-ika awarded Maui her fingernails in which fire burned, he deliberately kept dropping and extinguishing each fringernail until Mahu-ika was so furious that she chased him to the upper world setting fire to everything with her one last fingernail. Maui chanted for rain, and when the torrents came, Mahu-ika hid the few remaining flames in the bark of the kahikumaka trees and Maui watched. Later Maui rubbed a stick against the bark for his own people and produced fire.

Artist Analysis: The clouds, sky and waves are made of beads, Venetian tile and Byzantine tile. Each Rain drop is made of cut glass beads in assorted shapes. The tree foliage is crushed glass with fruits made of large necklace beads. A lapel pin of a tropical bird rests in the tree at the right. The trunks are of beads and crushed glass. Each wave level has a different color and different type of bead outline and about 20 different kinds of buttons were used to make the bubbles. Maui's Great Grandmother is of beads and rock, her dress is of black carborundum chunks. Her eyes are beads from India. The flames are mirror tile.

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