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Framed Mosaic Intarsia
24" x 36"

Maui had a beautiful wife named Raukira who stayed in a high cave curtained by a waterfall. Kunaloa, the long eel, was a constant danger to Raukira because he was always trying to catch her. Once when Raikira had ventured from the cave alone, Kunaloa got between her and the cave. Raukira frantically climbed a breadfruit tree, chanted desperately to Maui and he rushed back to save her. Using the magic jawbone of Muri, Maui chopped the long eel into many pieces which became the various species of eels throughout the world.


Artist Analysis: All of the background around the outside, beginning with the top down: The rock with outlines of various types of chains, bugle beads and bracelets. The leaves are rock and crushed glass. The light green is Venetian tile and the dark green is malachite. The mottled material is abalone shell, and the circular "pattern" is of metal sheeting used in Christmas decorating. 
The tree is of beads and pencil urchin spines and there is a small "owl" lapel pin resting on the left branch. The breadfruit tree is of hobby beads all of the leaves are from pins, bracelets and earrings. Both figures are of beads and rock. The center green background is colored grout material. The eel, beginning from mouth down to the tail: The mouth is of fish bone, the eye from India, purple rock, pink rock, sewing trim and more rock. A green beaded necklace section and more rock to the first "cut." Sequins, then more rock to the second "cut." Rock, sequins, a section of watch band, sequins for the third "cut." Rock, green necklace, more rock for the forth "cut." All rock and sequins for the fifth "cut." Cuff link, rock, watch band and rock for the sixth "cut." Rock and plastic iridescent beads for the seventh "cut." Rock and watch band for the eighth "cut." Rock, necklace and sequins for the ninth "cut." Earring part, rock and sequins for the tenth "cut." Final tail section of rock, beads and watch band. All of the outlines throughout are of various types of beads. The ground and water is of tile, the watch bands outlines at the left and the row of flowers near Maui's foot was a necklace. The fish at the left are of beads and the fins from a lapel pin. The Boulder Dam (now known as the Hoover Dam) tie pin* is used for the fish's nose. The body of the fish is a key to an ex-studio door padlock. The center fish is of beads and a key to the front door of the house where our children were raised and we lived for twenty-one years. The fish at the right is made of lapel pins and earring parts and the body is the key to a car I was especially fond of. 

*This tie pin was purchased by me in 1938 when traveling with the La Grande High School Band who took a trip to Los Angeles to play a coast-to-coast concert at The West Coast Radio City which opened the same year. The West Coast Radio City served as headquarters to the NBC Radio Networks' (Red and Blue) West Coast operations. The high school band stopped at Boulder Dam and Reno on the way back to Oregon.

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