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MAUI DIES - Hawaiian

MAUI DIES - Hawaiian
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Framed Mosaic Intarsia
24" x 36"

Maui had often hoped to find a way for humans to live forever. His father advised him that this would be possible if Maui could enter the body of Hinahuiteipo (Hina), the dread goddess of night, steal her heart and deliver it to the people of the earth. Maui's father said of her, "her hair is like the tangles of rotting seaweed, her eyes are of green stone and red fire, her mouth is like a shark's with teeth as sharp as volcanic glass." Thus forewarned and finding Hina in a deep sleep, Maui entered the body of the monster. All was quiet. Soon his head emerged but his struggle caused a fantail bird to laugh a merry note. Hina awakened with a terrible roar, her fearsome jaws clamped shut and Maui was bitten in half. Since then humanity has continued to be subject to death.

...And that concludes "The Seven Great Deeds of Maui"  
Artist Analysis: The all black areas are porcelain tile from Japan, carborundum chunks, and rock from the black sand beach of Hawaii. The icy areas are venetian tile and auto safety glass. The red background is of crushed glass. The body of the monster is of rock, bead, crushed glass and the tail is of porcelain tile from Japan. There are several watch parts as well as earring and lapel pins to indicate stars. The monster's teeth are genuine shark's teeth. The left bird is of abalone and beads. The right bird is of beads. The little "note" surrounded by a watch part took three weeks of canvassing music stores in various towns to find. The little bird on the right is an authentic creature patterned after the Australian "Fantail" bird.

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