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Mosaic - Intarsia
18" x 24"

After Maui lifted the sky, he decided to make a kite. It was a beautiful piece of work - the most beautiful kite in the world, but it would not fly! Maui called for the winds to help, but hey would not come. He remembered a wizard who controlled the winds, so he went to the Waipio Valley where this Kahuna lived. After making arrangements with the Kahuna to release the winds from a sacred Calabash, Maui returned to his kite. He called for the winds and the Kahuna opened the gourd. The winds swept out toward the sea and then down the coast to the Bay of Hilo. Seeing Maui's kite, the South and East winds tried to dash it to earth, but it flew beautifully! Maui called for more and the West wind soon joined in. Still the kite flew, as Maui urged it to fly to the heavens!! This made the fierce North wind angry and so it joined the other three winds. The four winds tore viciously at the kite until its line broke. For having dared to urge his kite to fly to the heavens, Maui was punished. The winds took the kite up the mountain, forced it into Kilowea, and blew Pele's fires against it. Though Maui flew many kites after that, he never again demanded that all of the four winds participate. 
Ka-hu-na: A Hawaiian priest or traditional healer
Calabash: A fruit or goard

Artist Analysis: This is another "bead piece," with the four winds being composed almost entirely of beads from Hollywood, California in the USA, Hong Kong, Israel, India and even a few garage sales. The general background is grout and beads; the foreground is of tile, beads and earrings.

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