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Framed Mosaic Intarsia
18" x 24"

One night Raven overheard the great totems discussing a wonderous new gift of copper they would give to the Indians of the Northwest. He decided to steal the gift. The next day, while all were watching, Raven swooped down and grabbed the glittering metal, but it proved to be too heavy and fell into the sea. The chief's daughter, Lake Blossom, risked her life to retrieve it only to have it stolen again by Raven. At this time, Wave Flier returned from a hunting trip, took out an arrow and shot Raven from his tree perch. The copper fell to the ground and was recovered. As a reward for their efforts, Lake Blossom and Wave Flier were wed with the chief's blessings and the happy villagers rejoiced.

Artist Analysis: Nearly all is rock with bead outlines. Abalone eyes were used in the totems. There is a Butterfly and small thunderbird in the tree and the sword with arrow is a "martini olive" swizzle stick. The "copper" is an authentic "copper" design from the Northwest Indian tribes and the coin on it is from Canada and was given to me by my Grandfather many years ago when I was a boy. From left to right: The faces on the costumes have bracelet brows and mouth, button eyes, and earring nose. The next one has a lodge-pin eye and button eyes, earring nose, bracelet mouth. Next, the top face ot the wave-flier totem has a watch part eye and a six sided nut for the other eye with a watch part nose as well. The bottom face on the totom has bead eyes, a upside down Christian cross for the nose and a turquoise mouth. The remaining figures are of rocks and beads.

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