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SHANGO - Nigeria~Africa

SHANGO - Nigeria~Africa
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Framed Mosaic Intarsia
18" x 24"

The story is told by the Yoruba,  the people of Nigeria, about a strong ruler who was so fierce that he could kill enemies by breathing fire from his mouth. Even he was challenged by powerful ministers and he fled into the jungle with his wives and loyal followers. When other loyal priests went in search for them, they found only the king's horse. Suddenly a deep voice came down from the sky proclaiming that the king had ascended the sky by a magic chain. Thus did the great ruler Shango become the God of Storms whose giant sacred ram bellows out blasts of thunder and whose lightning bolt axe comes crashing down as storm clouds bring torrents of rain.

Artist Analysis: The body design of Shango is patterned after Yoruba carving; and the hat, the wrist, the neck and ankle bands are authentic. The ram is make of beads, brown jasper from Oregon and brass shavings from a metal shop. Clouds are abalone and Venetian tile. The rain drops cut glass jewels. The bottom section is made of various rocks, crushed glass, beads and chains. The people are of cocobolo wood from Africa. The axe is of beads and sea shells. Note that when the axe is viewed upside down, that the handle is a little carved figure.

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