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KON-TIKI VIRACOCHA - Tiahuanaco~Peru~Bolivia

KON-TIKI VIRACOCHA - Tiahuanaco~Peru~Bolivia
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Framed Tapestry~Weaving
24" x 36"

The great creator of the universe emerges from Lake Titicaca wearing a crown of golden jaguars as punishers of evil and holding condor scepters as personal messengers. Trophy heads adorn his person and he is attended by a golden crowned angel with a condor scepter. Viracocha, the creator of night with its moon and stars and of day with its golden sun, it's shower of golden rain and its rainbows. Viracocha, the creator of Mother Earth symbolized by the double-ended serpent; Kon-tiki Viracocha, the creator of the beasts, the birds, the fishes and humanity, and who after giving all knowledge and bestowing all things disappeared westward into the sea, promising one day to return to his people, the Children of the Sun.

Artist Analysis: This framed weaving was created in honor of the spectacular weavings that we saw being made while in Peru which at times were made using rather eccentric techniques.

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