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Framed Mosaic Intarsia
18" x 24"

Taleelayo is a Eskimo legend about a mischievous sea spirit who surfaces from the depths of her ocean home to taunt fishermen into throwing their spears, but of course she dodges even the best of marksmen. She's not without value however, for the hunter who returns in his kayak alone, without a catch can always blame Taleelayo.  
Artist Analysis: The visual concept of the "sea spirit" is, for reasons of certain authenticity of feeling for Eskimo art, based on a sea spirit wood block from the Eskimo culture. Most of the sea is made of crushed glass, the iceberg is auto safety glass and Italian mirror tile, and the snow bank is rock. The eyes of the sea spirit are "cat's-eye" and the remainder of the figure is various beads, rock and sea shells. The four salmon are New Zealand "Paua" shell - a shell similar to our abalone, only more brilliant. The Eskimo spear is made of bugle beads tipped with an obsidian arrow head from Oregon. The man's coat and the seal below him are made out of Oregon jade. Finally, various beads and bits of costume jewelry used for the "Bubbles" complete the work.

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