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Framed Mosaic Intarsia
18" x 24"

There once was a boy named Laka who wanted to search for his lost parents. After seeking his grandmother's advice, he twice cut trees for a canoe and twice the Menehune took them. On the third try, Laka hid in a trench and when the little men arrived, Laka was able to jump out and capture one. The Menehune promised that if Laka could build a shed, they would come and deliver a fine new canoe in exchange for their companion. The next night, Laka hid near his shed and true to their word the Menehune delivered the canoe. Laka never did find his parents, but since he had such a fine and magic canoe, he became a very famous fisherman.
Meh-nay-HOO-nay; Small people  
Artist Analysis: The cliffs at the upper left are of rock from Maui, bathroom tile, Venetian tile and beads. The palm tree and ocean at upper right are of beads and rock with an earring moon. These are framed by tile and abalone with a beaded beach wall. The shelter on the left is roofed with finishing nails. The entire bottom section is beads, Venetian tile and rocks from Cambria, California. The gray middle group is grout with small sparkling beads. Each of the faces on the Menehune was separately modeled out of porcelain and then fired. The canoe insignia is from a copper "health bracelet" purchased in Arizona. Notice the large paddle being carried; it is a paddle swizzle stick with a Cunard line name on it. This swizzle stick is from the liner, "Queen Elizabeth" on which we sailed to Europe and back in 1960 and 1961 when we were on the continent for a year with our children. It is also interesting to note that our daughter, Barbara, years later in 1972 was scheduled to go around the world on a "campus afloat" cruise aboard the Queen Elizabeth. Unfortunately, disaster struck and the great ship sank in Hong Kong harbor while being refurbished. And so the little paddle, along with beautiful memories, is all that remains for us of the wondrous liner. We thought its inclusion in this legend of a young man's search for his parents most appropriate.

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