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Framed Mosaic Intarsia
18" x 24"

Because this Aborigine story is from our friends "down under" where to those in the northern hemisphere so much seems reversed, we thought it symbolic to reverse the visual reading of this particular intarsia. Therefore, one should look at the upper right corner first, then the upper left and finally the bottom panel. 

Mergau Mugui was a cannibal who lived in a scrub. By changing from an old hag to a beautiful woman, she lured passing hunters to their deaths. Mulian, a very cleaver hunter who came her way was not fooled however, and in self-defense killed her with her own yam stick. In her violence, she changed into a spider, thereafter luring hapless victims to death with a gold and silver web she spins among the rocks of the outback.

Artist Analysis: The outer frame is of bathroom tile, Venetian gold fleck tile, abalone, red lava from Maui, puka shells, urchin, spines and beads. The flecks of mirror in the teeth came from one of Marcia's compacts, and the eyes of the spider came out of a ladies belt buckle purchased at a flea market in Phoenix, Arizona. The overall design is patterned after Aborigine bark paintings. Actually, we has originally intended to render this legend as a genuine bark painting but could not obtain a piece of bark suitable or large enough for the project. Notice also the hero's "private parts," they really are "family jewels" - a pun we though worth doing.

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