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Framed Mosaic Intarsia
18" x 24"

America doesn't have many legends of its own. A rich heritage of tales were here long before European migration and belongs to the Indians, Eskimos and Hawaiians. One typical American legend, however, was Paul Bunyan who was a lumberjack standing forty-seven axe handles tall. Always at his side was Babe, the giant blue ox. Paul and Babe could perform unbelievable feats such as creating Allegheny and Rocky Mountains. Paul could clear an acre with one swoop of his axe. For the most part, the legends about them are neither highly symbolic or profound, but rather are exaggerated tall story humor, no doubt strained through ample amounts of mash whiskey by lumberjacks sitting around a warm, wood-burning stove...but then, without Paul and Babe, how could The West ever have been The West?!

Artist Analysis: The sky and hills are of Venetian and Byzantine tile, chains, mirror tile and beads. The sun is of a Oregon Centennial piece. The trees, right and left, are cross cut sections of various types of pointed and conical shells purchased at Morro Bay, California. Several "Antelope" buttons romp across this forest. Babe is made of rocks and beads. Paul's shirt is of beads from Hong Kong and his trousers are brown jasper from Oregon, California. The axe is of beads and black jasper. All of the little buildings are of various types of beads and tile. The little church has about 500 pieces in it. The deer in the lower corner was a pin my daughter, Barbara wore in High School.

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