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Framed Mosaic Intarsia
18" x 24"

Poliahu, the beautiful Goddess of Snow, and Pele, the equally beautiful Goddess of Volcanoes and Fire, met during a games festival. Because Poliahu was so skilled at Holua coasting, Pele became jealous and angry and the ground became warm. This alerted Poliahu as to Pele's identity and a great rivalry developed. Flurries of snow met billows of smoke and fire. Pele was subdued and to this day the Snow Queen still commands the heights of Mauna Kea and the territory to the North.
Poliahu: Po-lee-ah'-hoo
Holua coasting: Refers to the ancient art of surfing mountain slopes and lava fields on a specialized Hawaiian sled.

In general, this is composed of rock, beads, crushed glass, auto glass, mirror, lava, Byzantine and Venetian tile, chains and costume jewelry. A special purchase of decorator sequins (from a flower shop) was made for use of snowflakes. Paliahu's crown is from a piece of costume jewelry purchased at a garage sale in Santa Barbara, California. More beads were used in this piece to create the swirls of smoke, bubbling lava, ice and snow; there are perhaps 50 different shapes and colors beads used.

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