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QUETZALCOATL - Mexico Toltec

QUETZALCOATL - Mexico Toltec
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Framed Mosaic Intarsia
18" x 24"

Quetzalalcoatl was a beneficent ruler of Tula and was often portrayed as the feathered serpent god. Because Quetzalcoatl was so generous and trusting, he was easily betrayed and defeated by Tezcatlipoca, an evil-doing wizard and god. Here in humiliation, Quetzalalcoatl cast himself into a funeral fire and as his ashes change into beautiful birds, his own soul flies heavenward to become the morning star. Quetzalalcoatl; Ket'-zal'-ko'-atl: Viewed by Aztecs as "the god of air" and as a symbol of good and light. 
Tezcatlipoca; Tes-cat-lee-poh-ka: An important deity in Aztec religion.

Artist Analysis: Most of the background in this piece is made of Byzantine and Venetian glass tile. The flames are of crushed glass outlined with beads. The body and the wings are of rock - the brown portions gathered from the beach at Cambria, California. The five birds and snakes body of Quetzalalcoatl are made of beads which were purchased in Hong Kong. The "eye" of the flame is made from a broken compact donated by my mother and relates directly to the story being repeated in the star at the top. The flesh half of the Quetzalalcoatl's face is accented by a ceramic bead from India and the skull half is of pearls with an eye of carborundum.

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