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Framed Mosaic Intarsia
24" x 36"

As you proceed,  you will notice several works that are larger in size. They are a suite of seven which are known as "The Seven Great Deeds of Maui."  
As Maui grew older, he yearned to see his home. Taking leave of his friends, Maui returned to his mothers' country. There he found his mother and his four brothers at a large feast, but they did not believe him to be Maui. Maui then related to his family his placement in the sea, tragedy in the wrapping of tea leaves and rescue by the jellyfish and life with the sea god. When they recognized Maui as their long, lost brother, he was accepted. However, Long Post and Short Post, guardians of his mothers' house, wouldn't allow him to enter. Maui then carved two magic spears and hurling each with deadly accuracy, wrestled power from the totems and gained entry to his house.

Artist Analysis: The fiery reaction around Tall Post is of crushed glass. Background is of Italian tile and the palm trunks are pebbles with fronds of crushed glass. The hut is made of sea shells, rock, beads, tile and the spines from the pencil urchin. The two post are of tile, beads, rock and costume jewelry. The teeth are those of the shark, except that they are fossil sharks teeth millions of years old and unearthed at a site called "Sharks Tooth Mountain" located outside of Bakersfield, California. The spear of the Tall Post is made of two ivory chopsticks and capped by an Indian arrow head found near Porterville, California.

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