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Framed Mosaic Intarsia
24" x 36"

When Maui was young, the sky was so low that the trees became tangled in it. All plants had flattened leaves and there was much darkness. As Maui grew older, Maui decided to push back the sky. He went to a Kahuna who tattooed a magic symbol on his forearm giving him immense strength. Through a series of mighty efforts, Maui pushed the sky beyond the mountains to where it remains to this day allowing room for all creatures and living things.
Ka-hu-na: A Hawaiian Shaman  
Artist Analysis: As Maui grew into a young man, he was given a magic tattoo on his forearm. There was no researchable image for this, so one had to be invented. The rest of Maui; his straight nose, hair style with top-knot and tiki leaves was taken from a carved image of Maui on a Maori meeting house panel. Note in the presentation the Maori tradition of body tattooing has just begun with only a few designs in evidence. Reference of the Maui image can be found in the book Oceanic Mythology by Paul Hamlyn p.p. 25. The black sky is made up of buttons, black lava pebbles, black bathroom tile, Japanese porcelain, Venetian and Byzantine glass and highway department reflection crystals. the remainder of sky is tile, safety glass, crushed glass and abalone. Separating lines are of chain, pearls, bugle beads and shells. Leaves are tile surrounded by shells, chains and beads. The sun is a costume jewelry pin purchased at a flea market in Santa Cruz, California. Most of the ground flowers are earring backings. The two discs in the lower left are ivory cuff-links decorated with gold and silver inlay in silver settings and belonged to my father.

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